Fix: Check Charger/USB Port: Moisture Detected Error

Some of Samsung’s Galaxy devices come with an IP rating which means they are resistant to water and dust up to some extent. Most of the flagship smartphones by Samsung like the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note series come with IP68 dust and water resistance. IP stands for ingress protection while the first digit is the rating for dust resistance and the latter one is for water resistance. A device having an IP68 rating can resist underwater for up to 1 – 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 mins. However, this brings us to the ports which the phones have. Like the headphone jack or the speaker grille, not to mention the charging/ USB type-c port. So due to coming in contact with water the phone can catch moisture, or have some water inside the port as well. These phones are designed with software in such a way that it gives warnings and errors regarding moisture or water inside the port and won’t let pass the current to the phone from the port.

Mostly you would see an error like:

Check charger/USB port

Fix: Check Charger/usb Port: Moisture Detected Error

Moisture has been detected in your charger/USB port. Make sure it’s dry before charging your phone.

However, sometimes it happens that there’s some malfunction from the software side and it shows this kind of error even when the phone is completely dry.

There are a lot of devices from Samsung that have IP68/IP67 rating, so below we have a list of almost all of the smartphones that comes with an IP rating for dust and water.

Note – Only the flagship series and some upper-midrange smartphones have this rating, like the Galaxy S series, Note Series and a few of the Galaxy A series devices. No foldable or flip phones by Samsung has any kind of IP rating, they are 100% prone to water and dust.

  • Samsung Galaxy S series: S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus, S10e, S10, S10 Plus, S10 Plus 5G(IP69), S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy A series: A30, A50, A80, A8, A8 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Note series: Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, Note 10 Plus, Note10+ 5G, Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra 5G
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Having an IP rating on your smartphone doesn’t mean that the phone is 100% waterproof, and if it gets damaged you cannot claim any kind of warranty. As the brand clearly states that it is water-resistant and not waterproof if your phone is damaged due to any kind of liquid going inside your phone, you will have to pay the full repair amount and the company won’t consider it under warranty.

So if you have any of the above-mentioned devices from Samsung which has an IP rating, then chances are you might have faced this issue at least once in your lifetime which shows an error like ” Moisture detected in the USB port. Remove the cable immediately from the phone and make sure both cable and USB port is completely dry”.

What Causes Moisture detection Error on Samsung?

Well, having a smartphone with an IP rating is like having peace of mind, that if your phone by chance goes into the water, or if water spills on your phone, at least your phone is safe from getting water damage. However, you might have got this error even if you haven’t got into the water and your phone is completely dry. The company has used adhesives, gaskets and seals to make sure even the slightest of water and moisture remains out of your phone. Since we all know if water and electronics come in contact with each other that product is officially dead after that.

So, the question comes, why do we see such errors even if the phone doesn’t come in contact with water. Well, the device checks if the charging port of the phone has any droplets of water or moisture. It can happen due to sweaty weather, or if you live in a humid place.

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The moisture error which we see on our phones is just another safety measure that the phone takes to protect our phone from water damage even if the phone isn’t sure. As we say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you are having such errors repeatedly and you are unable to charge your Samsung smartphone, then it may be due to the following reasons.

  • The charging port is wet or it has moisture residuals.
  • Dust particles have build up inside the USB port.
  • The charging port has been damaged due to corrosion, careless usage, or the use of incompatible charging accessories.
Fix: Check Charger/usb Port: Moisture Detected Error

How Can We Fix the Moisture detection Error On Samsung devices

To fix the error of moisture detection of your smartphone, below we have some of the methods which you can follow and try to get rid of this annoying error that comes up every now and then about moisture detection.

  1. Shake your phone as much as you can so that the water or moisture lying around the ports can come out, take a soft cloth and try to wipe your phone and its ports which can be exposed to water.
  2. Take a plastic or a rubber toothpick and wrap it around with a tissue or a cotton cloth, move it inside the USB port, headphone jack to wipe it. Make sure you do it gently and not so hard that you end up damaging the ports.
  3. Try to use a hairdryer, turn it on at a low speed then bring the phone closer to the dryer, make sure the hot air from the dryer goes inside the ports of your phone. Also, keep in mind that the hot air isn’t too hot. I would advise doing this step while the phone is turned off, and turn it back on once you are done with the dryer and the phone cools down.
  4. You can also try to blow compressed air at low pressure into the USB ports.
  5. Silica gel is one of the best absorbents of water, so try to put your phone inside a jar with silica gel for the fastest and best results.
  6. Finally, make sure you have already checked that the charging cable and its pin isn’t wet, if yes then try to wipe it with a dry cloth.
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How To Disable Moisture Detected Error

If you have done trying the abovementioned steps, and you are still seeing the moisture detection error, then try the following steps, this might help.

  1. If you are in an urgency to charge your smartphone, then the best option would be to use a wireless charger, that way your ports won’t be used and your phone will be charged as well.
  2. Try to charge your smartphone by first turning it off and then plugging it in. Your phone might start charging while it is turned off.
  3. Force stop Android System- Go to Settings >> type android system in the search box at the top >> Tap on Android System to open the app info>> Click on Force Stop option. Now restart your phone and try to charge.


So this was an extensive guide on how to get rid of moisture detection errors on Samsung devices. While the moisture detection error is to help us only, in a way that we don’t damage our phones by putting it into charging while the phone is in contact with water or moisture. But since it’s a machine, it can cause an error and malfunction as well, thus make sure you follow all the aforementioned steps, one of them would definitely work for you. With this, it’s a wrap.

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  1. I’ve had this error over and over with my S20 Plus and nothing would clear it except a hard phone reset. Now Samsung just delivered a software update this morning and the error is gone – great, except now the charging port doesn’t work at all. No error and no charging either. This phone is a dog and this appears to be an issue with many phones. When I called Samsung they refused to acknowledge that it’s even a real issue.. Well thanks Samsung and goodbye -I will never buy one of your phones again.


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