6 ways to get water out of your iPhone Charging Port

For sure all the iPhones are IP-rated water resistant. The latest iPhones are IP68 dust and water rated which allows them to submerge the phone into water up to 6 metres for 30 mins.

However, putting the iPhone inside the swimming pool isn’t an issue, the issue I when water gets into the speakers, as the speaker holes are open for sound output. Another open area is the charging port of the iPhone.

It is always vulnerable to water, so if water goes into the USB port, then it won’t charge until the water is dried off the port. Don’t worry the water won’t get inside the iPhone from the USB port, it will stay around the port only.

Get water out of your iPhone Charging Port

So, here is a quick tutorial on how you can get the water out of your iPhone’s charging port.

Shaking your iPhone to Remove Water

Once the iPhone gets into the water and the water reaches out to the USB port then it will start showing a warning about the water damage. Thus, disabling the USB port for charging and data transfer. The very first method that we would recommend you try is the shake method.

Try to shake your phone as much as possible. Make sure that your phone is upright with the lightning connector facing downwards. Tap on the USB port and the iPhone from the top gently so that the water comes out with the forced gravity.

This is the easiest and the first thing that you can do if your phone is in contact with water.

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Exposure to Air and Sunlight

We all know the heat and sun can evaporate water from anywhere. So, exposing your iPhone to sun and heat or the air can help in evaporating the water faster. So, if your phone is suffering from water issues then you can leave your phone out in the sun for some time, so the water is soaked by sun.

Alternatively, you can also leave the phone outside so that fresh air that blows can also dry the phone faster. However, while exposing the phone to sun and air you should take care that you aren’t keeping it for a very long duration as it can also damage the phone.

Using your Cooling Fan

You can also use cooling fans like the ceiling fan or the table fan to dry out the water from your phone faster. As wind blowing from the fan can help in evaporating the water faster. This can be helpful once you have shaken the moisture out of the phone.

Try to place the phone and its USB port right in front of the fan from where it is blowing the air so that it is the most effective and all the energy helps the phone get dry quickly.

Also, make sure that the speed of the fan isn’t very fast, otherwise, you can end up putting the water even more inside the phone instead of taking it out.

The use of Silica Gel

The use of silica gel can surely help in drying the water and moisture from your phone. It is one of the most efficient and effective methods of taking out water and moisture from a phone. These silica gels are very good at absorbing water and moisture from around their environment.

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This is why it is used inside bags, shoe boxes and other stuff. The silica gel can easily soak the water and moisture. All you need to do is put your iPhone and a few silica packets in a tight-fitting bowl and cover it.

Then allow the silica gel to absorb all the water and moisture by leaving it undisturbed for around three days. That’s it, take it out from the bowl and try to charge and turn on your iPhone. This is the easiest and most effective way to fix your iPhone if it has water damage issues.

The use of Rice (White Rice)

Just like using silica gel for water absorption, another good water absorber is cooked white rice. Uncooked white rice isn’t the best as a drying agent. However, if you use cooked white rice then things can be on the better side.

Instant cooked rice is a very good water absorbent which can help you in fixing the water-damaged iPhone. To fix your iPhone with the help of rice all you need to do is power off your iPhone and then submerge it inside the rice.

Then ensure that the iPhone is completely submerged within the bowl of rice and leave it for a few hours or maybe a day. The cooked rice will start to absorb all the moisture and water from the iPhone.

There are a lot of people who think it is a myth while others see it as one of the best practices to fix a phone when it is water damaged. Apart from drying the charging port of your iPhone, keeping it with the rice can also solve the moisture issue of the iPhone’s camera lens.

6. The use of a Hair Dryer/ Vacuum Cleaner

The above-mentioned steps do require you to patiently wait for a few days to get it fixed while the absorbing agents are working. So, if you don’t have that much patience and want to try to fix it as soon as possible then you can try to use a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner.

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Using a hair dryer can be harmful to the phone, as the hot air can damage some parts of the iPhone. But you can always gently blow hot air from the dryer to the iPhone so that the water is dry quickly. Make sure that you have set the dryer speed to the lowest and try to use it in cool mode instead of blowing hot air continuously.

On the other hand, using a vacuum cleaner can also help you in absorbing the water as it can suck in everything around. The suction of the vacuum cleaner can help you in drying the iPhone quickly and removing water from the charging port.

Make sure you are careful enough to use the suction not at a very high speed because it can also interfere with other phone components.

So, this was a detailed guide on how you can get out the water from your iPhone or dry the water from the USB ports and the speakers of the iPhone.

My advice would be to try and use silica gel or rice and then use the hair dryer for a while, also make sure that you don’t turn on the phone at all while it is getting dry. Once you are done drying your iPhone and are completely satisfied, then try to turn it on.

Rushing to turn on the phone before it is dried can cause short circuits and will cost a lot of money in the service centre.

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