Why is my iPhone Battery Yellow?

Key Highlights
  • When your iPhone battery is displayed in yellow, it means that Low Power Mode is enabled.
  • Based on how your device is configured, Lower Power Mode automatically turns on when your battery reaches 20%. Or, you might have also accidentally enabled the Lower Power Mode.
  • In any case, you can disable the Low Power Mode to turn the color back to normal from yellow.

Apple with its every year’s iteration of iOS updates brings a lot of new UI changes. With the recent update, they have added the ability to turn on the visibility of the battery percentage inside the battery icon.

Similar to that, a few updates before, Apple added a UI enhancement, where the battery icon at the status bar would turn yellow whenever your iPhone is in low power mode.

So, it is completely normal to see the yellow-coloured battery icon on the status bar of your iPhone. To make it back to normal, below is the tutorial you can go through it.

Why is my iPhone Battery Yellow

What is Low Power mode?

The low power mode is just a fancy name for the battery saver option. Turning it on disables background activity and background sync is also disabled on your iPhone to save battery. It also lowers CPU usage.

The low power mode comes in handy when you are out for a longer time and you won’t be having access to your charger or power outlet.

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How Did the battery icon turn yellow on iPhone?

Whenever you turn on low power mode the battery icon of your status bar will turn yellow. Regardless of your battery health, or phone’s condition it will turn yellow on turning on the low power mode. To switch back the battery icon to its original colour you can simply turn off the low power mode.

You can turn on the low power mode any time of the day on any battery per cent. However, iPhones give the warning to turn on low power or connect your phone to a charger whenever it reaches below 20%. So, tapping on the low power mode would turn the battery icon yellow and turn the low power mode.

Do note that the low power mode will automatically be turned off once your iPhone is charged above 80%.

Why is my iPhone Battery Yellow11

Adding Low Power Mode to Control Center

For all the iPhones running on iOS 11 or newer, you can now add the low power mode option in the control centre. That way it will be easier for you to turn on/off the low power mode on your iPhone.

To add the low power mode toggle in the control centre, head to the settings app and then tap on the control centre. Now, tap on the green plus button located at the left of the low power mode and under More controls, tap on add it to control centre.

Why is my iPhone Battery Yellow3

That’s it, this was the reason why your iPhone’s battery icon in the status bar turned yellow. It was because you accidentally or intentionally turned on the low power mode.

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The iPhone’s low-power mode comes in handy but comes at a cost. When turned on you might face performance throttles and the phone might restrict sending notifications and syncing emails. So, make sure to keep a check on those apps.

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