How to turn off RTT on iPhone?

Key Highlights
  • RTT stands for Real-Time Text – a technology that’s built to help people with speech and hearing difficulties.
  • You can safely turn off RTT on your iPhone if you do not need it.

The term RTT stands for Real-time text. It is a more advanced means of communication that comes in handy for people who have speech and hearing difficulties. RTT transmits audio as you type any text.

Usually, it is turned off by default, but if you have it enabled on your iPhone and you don’t want to use it. Then here is a quick guide on how to turn off RTT on your iPhone.

iOS has built-in software for RTT as well as TTY from the phone app and it doesn’t require any additional service or app.

Turn off RTT on iPhone
how to turn off rtt on iphone

If RTT is enabled on your iPhone, then it defaults to RTT protocol whenever it is supported by the carrier.

How To Turn off RTT on your iPhone

The RTT enhancement on an iPhone is a very critical feature and it helps a lot of people who have speech and hearing disabilities. Even though you can make regular calls even if RTT is enabled, you can definitely turn RTT off if it isn’t needed by you.

  1. On your iPhone go to the settings app.
  2. Head to the General option and then select the Accessibility option.
  3. Inside Accessibility, you will see RTT/TTY, tap on it.
  4. Under that, you need to tap on the Software RTT option located at the top and below that you should see software TTY.
  5. Turn the toggle to the off position for both TTY as well as RTT.
  6. Once you turn them off, you should see the toggles turning grey confirming that you have successfully disabled them.
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How To Build RTT on your iPhone

  1. To start with, first, you need to head to the phone app on the home screen.
  2. Tap on the contacts from the bottom menu bar.
  3. Type the name of the person you would like to use RTT/TTY with.
  4. Now, select the sign.
  5. Next, you need to choose RTT/TTY or RTT/TTY relay decision.
  6. That’s it, you have successfully enabled it, now you can tap on the back button located at the top left corner.

How to show existing voice decisions in RTT

  1. Open the phone app to start using RTT.
  2. You can tap on the mic icon to mute and unmute.
  3. Now, open RTT to open the text language.

How To Make an RTT Call on iPhone

Below we have a quick tutorial on how to make a call using RTT on your iPhone.

  1. Head to the phone app on your iPhone.
  2. Now, tap on the contact’s button.
  3. Find the name of the person you wish to call.
  4. Tap on the phone number of that person.
  5. Next, you have to tap on RTT/TTY call or RTT/TTY Relay Call.
  6. Wait for the call to connect and then tap on the RTT icon during the phone call.
  7. You can enter your message now. If you have turned on send immediately from the settings, your recipient will see your message. Otherwise, you can enter your message and then tap on the up-arrow button to send the message.
  8. Now, to end the call you can tap on the back button at the top left corner.
  9. Finally, tap on the hang-up button to end the call.
  10. You can answer the call using RTT by tapping on the RTT button which should be shown instead of the default answer button.
  11. Simply tap on the RTT button to switch your normal call to a text form.
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How To Turn an existing voice call into RTT on iPhone

You can also turn your existing normal call into RTT call, below we have a quick and short tutorial regarding the same.

  1. Tap on the Use RTT located at the right of the end call option. Make sure you have already enabled RTT from the settings.
  2. Now, you should wait for a few seconds and then the microphone icon should turn into RTT.
  3. Once it switches to RTT, tap on RTT to open the text conversation and start texting.
  4. The RTT feature makes users’ iPhones even more accessible.

This feature is primarily launched for iPhones and iPad, but almost everyone can take advantage of the RTT feature during a call on the iPhone. The best thing about RTT is the option to enable sending immediately.

Once enabled, your messages will appear instantly to the person on the other end of the call. The other person can see the message even without you tapping on the send button.

Apple has also made the RTT feature accessible on Apple Watch and macOS so that you can always use the RTT feature regardless of the device you are using.

Why does my iPhone say RTT When calling someone?

In case you are having any speech difficulties, you can easily communicate through a phone call using TTY or RTT. The term TTY stands for teletype. Both of these use protocols that transmit text as you type and it also allows the recipient to read the message instantly.

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In the modern world, RTT is a more advanced protocol which can help you in transmitting audio as you type text.


This was a quick discussion on what is RTT and how it works. Along with that, we have also added a guide on how you can enable or disable the RTT feature of your iPhone.

It can come in handy for those who are in need of such accessibility features. While for the rest they can disable it if they don’t need it.

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