Android Multi Tools Latest Version v1.02b

There are more than a billion users who use the Android Operating System on a daily basis and most of them secure it with the Pin or Pattern lock. Even if you are using a Finger Print lock as primary, you are still required to set a Pin or Pattern as a fallback mechanism.

When you have been using finger print for so long, there is a good chance that you forget the pattern or PIN you set a few days ago. Sometimes, this happens even if you are actively using them.

In this situation, what can you do? You can either reset your device or you can take it to a service center to get it formatted.

Android Multi Tools

Before you do any of that, here we will tell you about a tool which will help you to unlock your Pattern or Pin which you forgot. You can download Android Multi Tools and get your phone to unlock if you don’t remember your Pin.

The latest version of the tool is Android Multi Tools v1.02b. In this article, we will tell you how to use Android Multi Tools to remove the pattern/PIN lock on Android device. In most Android phones, this tool will remove the pattern lock. This tool supports all the windows versions.

What is Android Multi Tools?

The Android Multi Tools is used to remove the Pattern or Pin Lock of Android device which you accidentally forget. With the help of this tool, you can remove the Pattern or Pin which is set on an Android device.

This tool is very helpful to remove the pattern lock. Additionally, you can also check the software/hardware details of the device, and more. Apart from this, there are many other uses of Android Multi Tools.

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There are lots of features and advantages of using Android Multi Tools v1.02b; some of which we have listed below.

Features Of Android Multi Tools v1.02b

  • Can Wipe the data of Android without installing the custom recovery.
  • Resets your Android in a few moments.
  • Display the device information like IMEI, Android version, and model numbers.
  • Gets all the drivers for your android.
  • This tool is free of cost and there are no hidden charges in it.
  • Anyone can use Android Multi Tools, even if they don’t have any knowledge.
  • check device status
  • It has the ability to Reset Password or Pin Lock of any Android device
  • It also reset the Face data pattern lock
  • Can also reset the forgotten Gmail ID
  • Reboots in a Single Click

Download Android Multi Tools

How to Install Android Multi Tools

  1. After you download the file from the above section, extract the contents of the zip file.
  2. Extract the file to Desktop or anywhere on your
  3. Once it is installed then click on Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe to run the file.
  4. You will be prompted to grant permissions, grant them.
  5. The tool will be open and a GUI will be presented.

How to Use Android Multi Tools

Here we have explained each feature of the Android Multi Tools in a detailed manner.

1. Check Device:

This option checks if your device is connected to your PC. If your device is connected to the computer but Multi Tools is not picking it up, you need to check your cable or make sure that USB debugging is enabled on your phone. Additionally, you also have to check that you’ve installed the ADB Driver on your computer.

2. Reset Face/PIN Lock:

This feature helps you reset a face ID or Pin lock. It works on all devices running Android 4.1.x and above. Basically, a Face lock or ID allows you to lock and unlock your smartphone using your face. In other words, the only way to unlock your Android smartphone is by letting it ‘see’ you (or by using the backup pin lock combination). You can bypass this restriction by using this Multi Tools.

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3. Reset Face/Gesture Lock:

This feature helps you unlock Face / Gesture locks. Gestures include patterns and other methods of locking your screen that isn’t password or pin-based. This feature allows you to unlock your phone without losing any data on Android devices running Android 4.1.x or higher. More importantly, once you unlock it, do not forget to disable it in the security menu.

4. Reset Gmail

Gmail is a free email service launched by Google. This feature will help you reset your Gmail and Google account.

5. Wipe Data

This feature is used to wipe all data from your phone. Before selecting this option, please ensure that you understand what it means and that you’ve backed up your data. Once you run this option, it will erase all your data and you’ll have to start from scratch. There is no way to cancel the operation once it has started and once the data is deleted, you cannot get it back in any way.

6. Reboot

This one is pretty straight forward. This option allows you to reboot or restart your device and boot into normal mode. It also allows you to exit from the ADB shell.

7. Check Device On Fastboot Mode

This will check your device’s connection status when it is in Fastboot mode. To use this Fastboot mode check, you have to boot the phone to Fastboot mode and ensure that the Fastboot driver has been installed.

8. Wipe Data/Cache on Fastboot Mode

This option is for erasing data and cache while the phone is in Fastboot Mode. This comes in handy if your device is frozen, stuck on an infinite boot loop or is running slow. Usually, this happens when you are trying to install a new ROM or MOD. This method will help you resolve these issues.

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9. Exit Fastboot Mode

This option allows you to exit Fastboot mode and reboot your device.

10. Go To Command Prompt

This option allows you to exit Multi Tools and go back to the normal command prompt.

11. Software Info

This option will tell you about the software and ROM installed on your mobile device. This includes the firmware version, baseband version, Android version, Android Security Patch level and much more.

12. Hardware Info

Determines the hardware info of the connected mobile device such as the IC number, the touch screen, camera, WI-FI, Bluetooth, Chipset and much more.

13. Report/Contact Me

This helps you get in touch with the developer as well as submit any problems or bugs you might have encountered with the tool.

14. Driver Download

Allows you to download any missing drivers that may not be installed on your PC.

15. Help

Downloads a help guide as a .rtf file made by the developer of the tool and automatically opens it for you.

16. Donate

Opens a link to where you can donate any money to the developer.

If you have forgotten your PIN/Pattern or any other kind of password requirement of your device and do not want to format your device to get access to your phone, then we strongly recommend trying this tool once before taking any other route. This tool has more success rate when compared to other similar tools in this area.

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