Top 13 Best Chrome Extensions for Business

Today it has become necessary to have an online presence whether you are running a small shop or managing a large business. With the help of Google, you definitely can bring customers to your doorsteps and increase your sales.

Google Chrome also has extensions that would help you in a very effective way to boost up your business and maintain your growth.


As the name suggests, this extension is very helpful when it comes to managing multiple passwords and login credentials. The passwords are protected securely by its internal encryption system.

Best Chrome Extensions for Business
Google Chrome Extensions for Business TeamPassword

If you have a large team and you are working on an official project, this extension will help you share your login credentials for different websites so that your work is not stalled. You can also share access to applications, tools, and services via cloud-based services provided by TeamPassword.

You can add or remove staff from using the services in just a few steps.

Quick Capture

This extension lets you take a snapshot of any web page. You can take a screenshot of the whole web page or the visible screen area and share them across various platforms.

Google Chrome Extensions for Business Quick Capture

You can also make informative graphics and upload them in PNG and JPEG formats. You can also edit or add annotations to any screenshot or PDFs.

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ConvergeHub Lead Generator

An effective lead generation extension is available for business, that helps you manage sales, marketing, billing, and payments tracking, and customer services via its All-in-One CRM service.

Google Chrome Extensions for Business ConvergeHub Lead Generator

Capture your lead from various social media accounts, emails, and other sources and convert them into your customer using their powerful automation services. Create and manage your marketing campaigns.

It can be customized according to your business and provides an all-round 360-degree enterprise-ready platform.

List Goal

A highly rated extension (4.8/5 stars) that helps you grow your email list based on the goal set by you. It lets you monitor your list and effectively gets you email subscribers.

Google Chrome Extensions for Business List Goals

It also lets you know about the rise and fall in subscribers or open/click rate and tracks your email list health in real time. A goal can be set on the Dashboard and business can monitor them accordingly.


Businesses need to work secretly and privately in order to prevent any misuse of data and sometimes working in incognito mode makes you lose track of the visited sites.

Google Chrome Extensions for Business Sneekr

This extension allows you to keep your history of sites visited in a password protected dashboard. It is directly added to your extension panel and filter history by date, keyword, etc.

Tellq – Click to Call Extension

A multichannel communication platform extension that lets you keep in touch with your customers via email, phone, text or SMS. It integrates all the different channels of communication into one for easy access.

Google Chrome Extensions for Business Tellq Click to Call

Create templates for faster query handling and get valuable insights from statistics. Companies can use this extension to make a powerful integrated in-house call center to generate maximum productivity.

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An effective site reviewer which lets you know the rating and reviews of every visited website. It has a community based on their experience.

Google Chrome Extensions for Business Sitejabber

The red, yellow or green indicator on the button shows bad, mixed and good experiences respectively on the website.

Fair Adblocker

The Fair Adblocker is the best extension for adblocking. Not only does it block ads, popups, malware or other tracking sources via its powerful blocking mechanism. You can also use this extension to block ads on Facebook, video ads, overlay ads, etc.

Google Chrome Extensions for Business Fair AdBlocker

This is a highly recommended extension which is highly rated on the Web Store. It also allows you to track daily, weekly and monthly statistics of ads blocked by this extension.

SendJim Chrome Extension

SendJim is hyper-targeted direct mail extension that helps you generate leads and follows up with your customers.

Google Chrome Extensions for Business SendJim Chrome

It is an automation tool that works 24×7 which has predefined templates, scheduling feature to send out emails at a scheduled time, etc.


This app is one-of-a-kind extension that is a multichannel business management software. While keeping notes of your clients, we use a lot of different software like notepad, excel, or Google doc.

Google Chrome Extensions for Business PayPanther

PayPanther allows you to track clients, send invoices, get paid and manage your expenses all in one extension. You can search your clients via keywords and use the template to create invoices, event or a project. This is a powerful CRM software with customized document management.


The best ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) software is available for Google Chrome extension. It maintains and tracks all the business-related information like stock or payment option, customer details, etc.

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Google Chrome Extensions for Business Nervatura Touch

It provides safety with proper usage rights and physical access to the database. Nervatura is probably the best extension for business using Google Chrome.

Evernote Web Clipper

The best to-do list, notes, and ideas listing application available from smartphones have a great Chrome extension which allows you to save ideas, information, article, etc from any website to your Evernote account which is accessible from anywhere.

Google Chrome Extensions for Business Evernote Web Clipper

You can also annotate, highlight or take a screenshot of the entire web page.


The best extension for accounting and invoicing software that can be managed from anywhere in the world. You can send and receive an invoice to over 150 countries in multiple currencies.

Google Chrome Extensions for Business SlickPie

Check your financial reports, organize your taxes, and with the help of MagicBot automate your receipt entry. It is also 256-bit encrypted so there are no issues of data loss. Overall, good expense management software and easy to use.

With the help of the above extensions, you will become well equipped and well versed with its and bits of your business as they save a lot of time and energy with their automated operation.

Please do let us know in the comments section if we have missed any extension that would help the businesses reach their goal.

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