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Looking to download QCN Rebuilder Tool latest version? In this guide, we are bringing you the latest version with a help guide on how to use the tool.

If you are not already aware of what the QCN builder tool is (which I highly doubt as you are reading this tool), here’s a small gist for you. QCN Rebuilder is a simple tool that lets you generate or repair any null IMEI on an Android device with Qualcomm Chipset.

If you are an Android power user, then you are probably aware of the fact that if you root or install stock ROMs on your device, there are many things that could go wrong. Moreover, the same device model that you own could be sold with different modem configurations in different regions.


While you are tinkering around with your device, your baseband could easily become null, unknown or invalid. This usually happens when the wrong ROM configuration is over-written over the original one. But worry not, there is an easy fix for this.

Fortunately, there is a tool which allows the user to quickly fix this issue on their Qualcomm powered Android device. Using the QCN Rebuilder, you can write the correct IMEI number for any QCN file. Now, let’s get started with the guide and hey, we have also provided a link to download QCN Rebuilder Tool.

QCN Rebuilder Tool – What is it?

From the above, you might already have a base idea on what this tool and what it does and how you can use it to get out of tricky situations. If you want to know more about the tool, then read ahead as we take a deep dive into the tool and its use cases.

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IMEI is short for Internation Mobile Equipment Identity and this is the magic number which makes all the devices unique (to put things into context, we have literally BILLIONS of mobile devices!).

The very same device that you own is also sold in different parts of the world and then there are different variants of the same model and yet, all of them are still very unique – thanks to IMEI number. Added to this, the IMEI number will also come in handy while tracking your lost or stolen device.

You can easily find this IMEI number on the retail box of your device or you can simply dial *#06# on your smartphone’s dialer (irrespective of the phone/OEM; this is universal) to get the IMEI number of your device.

If you are one of the many power users of Android, then there is a good chance that you would like to mod your device like installing custom ROM, MODs, custom recoveries and what not.

There are a lot of things that could go wrong when installing a custom ROM and one among them is that you can mess up the IMEI number on your device. Without a proper/valid IMEI number, you cannot track your device if it is stolen or even sell your device.

With the QCN Rebuilder tool, you would be able to

  • Fix the invalid IMEI number on your Android device due to wrong ROM installation
  • Simply change the IMEI number from QCN.
  • Convert the IMEI to HEX.
  • Repair the Qualcomm IMEI to Qualcomm QCN.
  • and much more.
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This tool is incredibly tiny and easy to use and what’s more, it is portable. This means that there is no need to actually install the tool on your personal computer rather you can simply run the tool by opening the .exe file on the go.

QCN Rebuilder Tool Features

For a tool as tiny as this, the QCN Rebuilder Tool has a ton of features. Below is the full list of the features:

  • Convert IMEI to HEX
  • Convert Qualcomm IMEI to Qualcomm QCN
  • Rewrite null or invalid IMEI to correct one
  • Repair Qualcomm IMEI
  • Repair Qualcomm QCN
  • Edit Qualcomm QCN
  • Rewrite correct IMEI from any QCN

Download QCN Rebuilder Tool and QPST Restore Tool


  • Install the ADB and Fastboot tool.
  • An Android device with Snapdragon Chipset.
  • A Windows computer.
  • A USB Cable.

How to use QCN Rebuilder

  1. Make a complete backup of your device before proceeding.
  2. This tool will ONLY work for Android devices with Snapdragon Chipset.
  3. The author or iHax shall not be held responsible for the consequences of using this tool. Know what you are doing; exercise caution.

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the tool (the 1st link) zip file from the downloads section above.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Open the extracted content and double click on the .exe file and open the same.
  4. Connect your device to the PC using a USB cable.
  5. Run the IMEIRebuilder.exe on your PC.
  6. Next, click on “Open File” and choose the downloaded QCN File of your device.
  7. You will now see two blank spaces: IMEI 1 and IMEI 2; Fill in the original IMEI of your device in both the boxes.
  8. Next, click on the Rebuild button to create a new QCN File.
  9. Save that new QCN File to your PC.
  10. Download the QPST tool (the 2nd link) and run it. We are going to use this tool to restore the QCN file.
  11. Now, select the QCN File which you have saved to your PC in the previous steps.
  12. Restore the new QCN File on your device.
  13. Done.
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That will be all. Now you should have a proper IMEI number on your device. You can check the current IMEI number after restoration by typing ‘*#06#’ from your device. Hope you were able to download QCN Rebuilder Tool and restore IMEI number on your device.

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