How to update Expired Credit Card on Apple Pay?

Key Highlights
  • You can add credit and debit cards to Apple Pay and use them via Apple Pay.
  • If a card is expired, you do not have to delete and re-add the card again. Rather, you can simply update the card with updated information.

As we all know all of the cards issued by the banks have an expiry date after which it just stops working and you have to renew them. So, in this post, we will be discussing how to update expired credit cards on Apple Pay. A lot of people have started using Apple Pay to pay through their credit cards using their iPhones.

If your credit card is expired or has been stolen, then here is the article where we will be discussing how to update your credit cards on Apple Pay.

Methods of Payment That Are Possible with Apple ID

To use Apple Pay you will have to log in with your Apple ID. To make any purchases inside the App store you must have a valid payment method. In addition to that Apple Arcade, iCloud and Apple Music also requires an Apple ID.

update Expired Credit Card on Apple Pay

If you are not able to make any purchases with your credit cards using Apple Pay, then you must quickly update the payment method that is added to your Apple ID.

If the payment method is correct then I would suggest checking that the payment method you are using is used where you live. In case you are still having issues then you must try to contact the card issuer.

How To Update Debit Card on Apple Pay?

You can update your credit or debit card on Apple Pay very easily. You just have to add the new card that has been issued to you. Most things are done automatically.

For the expired cards, you don’t need to do anything, as your card information will be immediately updated with the new expiry date card. If you have received a new card from the bank with a different card number than the previous one.

Then you will have to remove the old one and replace it with the new one by adding it.

How To Update Credit Card on Apple Pay?

Updating a credit card on Apple Pay is very similar to updating a debit card on Apple Pay. You must learn the process as some day in future you might need this. Most of the time the banks send a new credit card whenever the old one is expired. So, all you have to do is remove the old credit card and then add the new one.

Also, do note that if your card’s expiry date or any other details are updated from the bank side. Then the details should be automatically updated to your Apple Pay.

How To Edit Apple Payment Methods?

All the Apple devices that have NFC built-in support Apple Pay. With the help of Apple Pay cards, you will be able to use the cash cards anywhere you want to. It is very similar to any other conventional bank credit card.

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To use the Apple Pay card just set up your card and then you can start transferring money hassle-free. Now, on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you can modify the payment methods as well. To follow the tip to change the payment methods then you can follow the tutorial below.

Steps To Edit Apple Payment Methods

  1. Head to the settings app on your iPhone and then tap on the Apple ID account. (Located at the top)
  2. Now, select the payment and shipping from the drop-down menu inside the apple account settings. You will also be asked to check in using your Apple ID.
  3. Next, you can start adding a payment method by selecting a payment method from the drop-down menu.
  4. To update a payment method you can start by selecting the payment method. Ensure that the information provided is correct and you don’t need to make any changes. While changing the information you might be asked to enter the security code that is printed on the back of your credit card. If you want to use Apple Pay with the card, then make sure to edit the card information in the wallet app.
  5. To remove a payment method from your Apple Pay wallet, you need to tap on the edit button. Then click on the red delete button and then select the Remove option. This won’t deactivate all of the payment methods that are added to Apple Pay if you have any outstanding debts like iCloud subscriptions or Apple Music plan. You will have to first either cancel the subscriptions or change the payment methods of these subscriptions only then you will be able to deactivate a payment method.
  6. If you wish to arrange the sequence of the payment methods inside the wallet app, then you can go to edit and then drag the move order icon to adjust accordingly.

How To Modify Your Mac’s Payment Method?

If you are rocking a MacBook or a Mac Pro and want to edit or modify the payment methods added to your computer then here is a detailed tutorial about the same.

  1. On your mac computer head to the App Store.
  2. Then from the sidebar bottom of the page, you have to click your name or the sign-in button.
  3. Now, to find more information about the same you can click the view information button.
  4. On the next page, you have to select the Manage Payments option from the drop-down menu located next to the payment information. Click on the Edit button next to the payment type for an older version of macOS. Your computer might ask you to enter your Apple ID credentials.
  5. To modify or edit payment methods on your Mac you can follow the below steps.
    • For making any changes to the payment options, you have to tap on the edit button next to the payment method option. You will be asked to enter the security code which is usually printed on the back of your credit or debit card.
    • You can click on the add payment button to add a new payment method.
    • For removing any existing payment method you need to click on the edit button next to the payment option and then click on Remove. You will only be able to deactivate your payment methods if you don’t have any outstanding debts and you don’t have any subscriptions that include iCloud storage plans Apple Music and more.
    • To change the order of your payment methods you need to hover your pointer over any one payment option and then select the move order icon to move it.
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How Long does it take to Update a new card on Apple Pay?

From Apple’s server side, they try to activate the cards as soon as possible. However, it depends on the bank of which the card you are adding to Apple Pay. In other words, you don’t need to update your new card of the same bank in your Apple Pay.

It will automatically be updated on your Apple Pay as well. So, before you get the physical card delivered to your home, you will be able to use it via Apple Pay.

How To Remove a Card From Apple Wallet?

Removing a card from Apple Wallet is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is follow through with this simple and easy tutorial below.

  1. Tap on the card that you want to remove from the Apple Pay wallet app.
  2. Now, select More from the drop-down menu.
  3. Finally, tap on the Remove this card button to remove it. (located at the bottom of the screen ).

How To Update Expired Debit Card on Apple Pay?

When you add a new bank card to Apple Pay, it is always linked to a unique device Account Number. this is also used to process payments and the expiry date of the card is connected with it.

  1. So, if your card expires or you receive a new card from the same account, then it is automatically updated on your Apple Pay wallet and you don’t need to do anything.
  2. Certain banks don’t support it that seamlessly. In that case, you might have to remove and re-add the card to your Apple Pay wallet.
  3. After you have added it again, the card number and the expiry date should be automatically updated with the new card.
  4. Usually, the card number remains the same whenever a card is reissued rather than replaced with a new one. Also, the PIN will be the same unless you change it manually.

How To Update Credit Card Expiry on Apple Pay?

There is a unique device code which is associated with your bank credit card whenever you add any credit card to an Apple Pay wallet. So, each time your credit card expires or is lost and you are issued a new one.

The Apple Pay wallet will automatically update the credit card with the new number. In case it isn’t updated automatically, then you will have to remove and re-add the credit card to your Apple pay wallet. Most of the time it is updated automatically.

How To Delete Card from Apple Watch?

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can delete the card from your Apple Watch.

  1. Find and open the wallet app from the dashboard of your app.
  2. Now, hover over the card which you want to remove.
  3. Finally, remove the card by scrolling down and then tapping on it.

How To Use Touch ID To Remove A Credit Card from Your Mac?

If your Mac comes with a Touch ID built into it, then here is a tutorial on how you can remove a credit card from your mac using the Touch ID.

  1. Open the Wallet and Apple Pay section on your mac by going to the preference page and then choosing the Wallets and Apple Pay option.
  2. Now, remove the card by tapping on the remove button beside the card that you want to remove.

Make sure to make changes in your Apple Pay details. Whenever you add billing and contact information for a particular credit card in the Apple Pay wallet, the information is saved. this information is also used by Apple Pay whenever you make purchases online and in-app purchases.

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Updating Apple Pay Billing Information on your iPhone

If you are having an iPhone then you can directly open the Wallet app on your phone. Click on the credit card that you are using and then click on the More Options button. From the list choose the billing address option and then you can edit it accordingly.

The Apple Watch users, need to choose the Apple Pay app and then choose the card. Click on the billing address option to update the billing address This is very similar to the method through which we changed in iPhone.

If you are having an iPad and want to change the billing address, then you can open Apple Pay and then tap on the card. Inside the card info tap on the billing address to update your new billing address.

Finally, for Touch ID, first, you will have to open the system preferences and then choose Apple Pay. Under Apple Pay choose the card of which you want to change the billing address. Then inside the card info tap on the billing address to modify it.

Updating Apple Pay Information

For iPhone users, you will have to open the settings app and then head to the Apple Pay settings. Now, go to the transaction default option. From this screen, you can update all of the details that you want to change.

If you are using Apple Watch then you can hover over the Apple Pay option and then head to the transaction default option to update all of the information that you want to change.

In case you are using an iPad then you can go to the Apple Pay wallet option and then tap on the transaction default option. Inside that, you can choose to update all your information.

For users using iPod Touch, they can also follow the same tutorial as mentioned above for iPhones. As the settings ad steps remain the same more or less.

Not Able to Update Card on Apple Pay

As discussed above, users don’t need to update the card on apple Pay. it is done automatically. If anything then users can change the payment methods or add and remove the payment methods that’s all.

However, if the card isn’t updated automatically then they can try the below guide which might be helpful.

  1. Open the settings app on your iPhone and then tap on the Apple account located at the top of the screen.
  2. Now, open the Payment and Shipping button to type in your Apple ID password.
  3. After successfully entering the right password click on the Payment method you would like to be updated.
  4. Information update regarding the older card or change in the payment method of the new card is allowed so you can make your choices accordingly.


As Apple Pay is emerging rapidly and more and more people have started to use the digital mode of the payment system. It is important to know its functionality and a few basic steps on how you can make changes to the app.

To update your credit card information in the Apple Pay wallet app you can only remove and re-add the same card, as it is updated automatically from the bank’s server.

We hope to be of your help in any way we could. Thus, we shared everything we could regarding the Apple Pay wallets and all the changes possible to the payment methods.

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