Top 4 Best Sites to Play Cards Against Humanity Online

Cards against humanity is an adult fun card game played among friends. It is a file in the blanks card game, where the funniest and most provocative answer wins the round.

However, you can also play cards against humanity games online with friends and strangers. There are several sites where cards against humanity can be played online.

You can play Cards Against Humanity online, and it’s very simple, so if you want to recreate the experience of the frenetic card game without being in the same room as people, you’ve got plenty of options.

Cards Against Humanity Online

These methods of playing Cards Against Humanity online don’t mean you need to buy a pack of cards, or any fancy gadgets – in fact, some of these options are totally free. All you need is a computer or smartphone, and possibly also a webcam if you want people to see your cringing face too.

Also, maybe if you’re stuck at home away from people, you might quickly run out of things to do – the best board games only last so long, listening to music with people online doesn’t keep feeling personal forever, and mobile games to play with family get old when you’re sick to death of your loved ones.

It’s great then that everyone’s favorite nihilistic game, Cards Against Humanity, can be played online.

Cards Against Humanity is a popular card game that challenges players to come up with funny answers to a question in order to win rounds. You don’t need to be witty, or absurd, in order to win. On the contrary, this is a game where being inappropriate is the way to win.

But those packs you’re playing Cards Against Humanity with don’t need to be physical ones, and it’s very possible to play the game online with people on your computer, or smartphone, or even play against an AI supercomputer that might make you laugh once or twice.

What is this game, Cards Against Humanity?

The first time you hear the name, it feels as if the game has some evil sorts of rules that are against the laws of humanity. But that’s not the case, this game is really simple and is played with the help of cards which are available on some online shopping websites and some stores.

Cards Against Humanity Online 2

The Rules of the Game

For playing this game, you will need a deck of cards consisting of black and white cards. The black cards contain the question, that is, the fill-in-the-blank part which has to be filled by the players.

Actually, the white cards in this game contain small phrases or words that have to be submitted by the answering player in order to complete the sentence. What has to be filled is decided by the player!

Rules To Play Card Against Humanity

Like any other game, Card Against Humanity also draws some basic rules and regulations. And players are supposed to follow them throughout the entire gameplay. Now, some of these rules are as mentioned below:

  • Each player receives 10 white cards at the beginning of the game
  • The one joining the match most recently draws a black card and becomes the Card Czar
  • The Card Czar reads the question as mentioned in the black card
  • Rest all members answer the questions using their white cards
  • The Card Czar shuffles all the answers as provided by the other players
  • He then picks one card with the funniest answer
  • The particular answerer finally gets one point
  • Once the round is complete, another player becomes the Card Czar, and the cycle keeps repeating

All Bad Cards

All Bad Cards sites have a modern interface and look pretty good. You can choose your own nickname before joining or creating a game.

Cards Against Humanity Online 3

You can also sign in through Google and Facebook, or you can play as a guest without signing in. Follow the below steps to play cards against humanity on All Bad Cards.

  1. Open your browser and go to the “All Bad Cards site”. You will get two options where you can join a game or create a New Game.
  2. If you click on the Join Game, then you can enter the game name of a friend or join any public games that are ongoing down below.
  3. When you click on the New Game, you get to choose between four different options. Choose any of the options and click on the Next button.
  4. Insert your game nickname and click the Next button again.
  5. Now choose the game policy for the Public or Invite-only option. If you are only inviting friends to play, then choose the Invite-only option. However, if you want random users to join your game, then choose the public option.
  6. In the next menu, you will have to choose the card packs and click on the Finish button.
  7. Now you can wait for other players to join you. There is also an invitation link that you can send to your friends. When they try to join, you will get an option to approve or not.
  8. Once you have more than one player, you can click on Start the Game button. Now you can play the Cards Against Humanity game online. Start the round, check the question cards, and choose the winner of the best reply card.

Players: 1-6 Expansions: None

You can see what others are doing.

If you just want to jump into a game of Cards Against Humanity online with a few friends, this option is one of the simplest. Although there are no expansions, the software is very simple.

Cards Against Humanity Online 4

To use it, head to the website, head down to “Remote Insensitivity” and click it. To quote the website itself from a tweet on the matter. “In order to comply with the CAH trademark, we’re substituting the game with ‘Remote Insensitivity’. It has all the same cards thanks to the CAH card text being licensed under Creative Commons”. So this is still a valid way of playing Cards Against Humanity.

Now click on the “Start Game”, and share that link with your co-carders, so they can jump in too and select “Enter Game”.

Now you’ve got digital cardboard, with black and white cards at the top with discard piles, space to play white cards in the middle, winning piles for your black cards to the left and right, and a large white box at the bottom. This white box is your private area, as no one else can see cards here, while they can be able to see everywhere else.

The computer isn’t going to play the game for you, and in playing cards, you have to deal, move cards about, and discard them by yourself. This recreates the feel of playing it in real life, but it can be a bit of a nuisance that the game isn’t automated for you.

It’s possible to see where your co-carders’ mouses or fingers are too, as this works whether you’re playing on a computer or smartphone, and the players can be on either, so you can see who’s dealing or if someone is trying to peek at cards you’ve played.

Cards Against Humanity Lab

Cards Against Humanity Lab is one of the simplest websites to play this card game. All the buttons tell you their action, so you don’t have to tire your brain while trying to figure out how to start the game.

Cards Against Humanity Online 5

First, you can choose if you want to play the regular deck, made for ages 17+, just as the CAH core game, or the Family Edition, the kid-friendly version of the game.

  1. Choose your favorite edition and answer some personal stuff.
  2. Neither of the answers is required, so, you can continue without even answering, you just click on “Prefer Not To Say”. Once you start the game, this is how it looks:
  3. Pick one of the white cards to fill in the blank on the black cards.
  4. If you want to play with friends, you’ll have to hold a video chat on any platform, ask them to write down their favorite white card, and the Card Czar picks the funniest.
  5. The cards’ order looks great and, since there are 10 white cards, it definitely feels like playing the actual game physically.
  6. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to play with friends directly on the site.

Pretend You’re Xyzzy

When you just like the depth of the playing cards against humanity sport, this clone is the most suitable choice for you.

Cards Against Humanity Online 7

For many who have been taking part in the sport, you most likely know that the unique sport comes with totally different growth decks that add as many as tons of playing cards with hilarious combos. Fake You’re Xyzzy claims that it has all of those growth decks, which will increase the enjoyment of taking part in playing cards against humanity online.

One factor that we don’t like about this clone is that you’ll want to have not less than three gamers to start out the sport. This implies you can’t use it with bots or by yourself. However, should you’ve already organized an online game night, this wouldn’t be a lot of an issue.

With this clone sport, you possibly can customize your sport and add as many playing cards as you want. You may as well create your individual guidelines, the variety of gamers in a sport, and be a spectator if you don’t really feel like becoming a member of the sport.

This clone sport is the closest you will discover to the unique playing cards against humanity deck. So, if you wish to play one thing that carefully resembles the precise playing cards, this must be your go-to website.

You’ll be able to take a look at the accessible decks, together with the playing cards that include it, earlier than you begin the sport. This clone additionally comes with a chat field, so if you don’t really feel like doing a video chat, the interior chat room will be a way to go.


The multiplayer game Cards Against Humanity has been recreated online, giving you and your friends the chance to play it via your phones or laptop during this time of social distancing.

Much like the physical version, you’ll be able to see your own cards and only yours as you wait for your friends to fill in the blanks.

These are some of the best websites where you can play Cards Against Humanity Online with your friends for free. You can try the websites listed above and decide which one suits you the best.

Playing card games physically is fun, but playing card games on a device or machine is now catching up too with all the goodies and enjoyment. Although card games are such games, you need to play physically with your friends or family, you can play this game online and utilize any of the aforementioned sources. Moreover, these are dependent on a website, so you need to make sure that the internet connection must be active and stable.

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